Looking for fundraising inspiration? Take a look at these 26 fun and unique event ideas to help you raise money for your favourite Scout causes.


How good are you with heights? Lots of companies across the UK host abseiling sessions, often off the top of incredible, eye-catching buildings! Face your fears in style.


Theme your evening around your local Scout group or Gilwell Park to get people engaged. Ask local businesses, shops and supermarkets to donate prizes and help sell tickets.

Curry Night

Draw your supporters in with their love of food. Include a ticket fee to cover your costs and give you a profit. Cook a delicious meal and add a little competition to the evening: invite everyone to bid (e.g. £20) and guess what they think the meal cost you, the closest answer wins a bottle of bubbly.

Dinner Dance

It’s always fun to have an excuse to dress up. This event could be a real winner and help you raise thousands of pounds. Host a black tie dinner dance at a lovely local venue with a live band or DJ.

Environment Promise

Pledge to go plastic free for a period or cut down your car use. Consider ways you could inspire people to donate by both supporting the environment and fundraising for a great cause!

Fancy Dress

Encourage everyone at school, work, community, or group to dress up and pay a fee. On the flipside, make a poll of a few outfit choices (the sillier the better) and ask people to donate to vote and you wear the winning outfit for a day.

Gardeners’ world

Ask your community to get involved in a vegetable growing competition. Ask participants to donate to take part. Pick a vegetable like a carrot or cucumber and set a deadline. Gardeners have to grow the biggest vegetable and win a small prize.

Hunt for it

Teams pay an entry fee and are set a fundraising target. You have two options, either hide objects around your area and create a map, or write cryptic clues and challenge teams to work out the route and the landmarks. They need to take photos with the landmarks to prove they are there and win points. Invite local businesses to enter team and sponsor the event.

Invitation to…

It’s a raffle with a twist… ask local businesses, spas, hotels, activity centres and even the theatres and airlines if they will donate tickets and experiences to your event. Ask your community to make a donation to buy raffle tickets. The winners will receive invitations to incredible experiences.

Jumble Sales

Think of all the things you don’t use that are cluttering up your home and arrange a car boot sale. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.


Sing up a storm with a karaoke evening. Charge a ticket fee to attend… or ask for a donation to escape!

Line of Coins

Loose change, you’ll find it everywhere. Under the sofa, in your jacket pocket and even on the pavement! Challenge your school, office, or group to make the longest line of coins possible. Once you’ve finished, take the coins to the bank and add the money to your fundraising total.

Match Funding

If you work for a corporation you might be able to secure matched funding. Speak to your employer and explain what you are doing to fundraise for the Scouts. They might agree to match what you raise or even just donate.

Name the…

Buy a teddy or toy and ask people to donate to name it. Think about your audience’s interests before buying the item.

Obstacle Course

Set up a fun obstacle course outside or inside. Donate to take part and enter into a competition. Fastest course run wins a small prize. Remember to consider health and safety when organising your events. If you don’t have the space for this, think about entering an obstacle course challenge and asking for sponsorship. There are plenty of mud runs across the UK to get stuck in.

Pamper Day

Arrange a spa day, massages, or a relaxation evening with face masks for friends. Ask local beauty parlours and businesses to donate products or volunteer staff. Guests can buy tickets for entry and can add a donation as a “tip”. This is great for local beauty parlours that want to gain lots of potential clients and PR.

Quiz Night

Organise a quiz with a twist at your local pub, event space, or at home. Ask people for donations to play. Add a few quirky rounds like highest darts score (best of 3 throws), dance offs or snooker skills.


Challenge competitors to make teams and row or cycle for 24 hours and see how far they get. Set each team a fundraising target. Record the best moments live on social media! Works best with rowing machines or cycling machines. 

Sponsored Silence

Are you known as ‘the chatty one’? Would your friends, family and colleagues donate to see you try and be quiet for a period of time? Allow yourself a pause for meetings and calls at work or you’ll get in trouble with your boss!

Tuck Shop

Fruit, biscuits, crisps, chocolates and sweets… everyone loves a small snack at some point in the day. Ask your workplace or Scout group to set up a tuck shop and keep it open throughout the year. Add a note for a “suggested donation £1 per item” and bank the donations once a week/ month.

Unravel it

Host a puzzle evening for your community. Think of it like a pub quiz, but with lots of activities. Challenge teams to unravel balls of string, race to solve puzzles, make their way through mazes, build towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti and lots more brain teaser tasks.

Vertical ascent

Find a big hill and challenge participants and their teams to do a relay to climb the hill as many times as possible in 24 hours. Ask teams for a donation to participate and set them a fundraising target. Check with your local authority if you can use the hill for your event first.

Wax It Off

This is a classic and brave fundraising activity: waxing body hair for charity or cutting your hair into a unique hairstyle. Ask people to sponsor you for making such a bold decision and maybe record the event too.

X-Factor Competition

Organise your own X-Factor competition or ticked talent show. Ask the audience for a donation to vote for their favourite acts.

Yoga Marathon

Host a yoga marathon and challenge people to get to the end. Ideally, a yoga instructor will host the event for free to support the Scouts. Ask your gym to help you find a yoga instructor if you don’t already know one.

Zone It

Build zones of relaxation, play, colour or light. Charge entry for these zones at work, in your community groups or event spaces. Make sure you have permission with the owners of the space beforehand.


Share your news

Have you hosted or taken part in any of these fundraisers, or do you have one coming up? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch to tell us your favourite moments, fundraising successes and any difficulties you encountered so we can share these with the Scout network. Email us at [email protected].