As people prepare to send Seasons Greeting there’s lots of ways for Scouts to get involved in these Seasonal activities and maybe even fundraise for your group!

Scouts Christmas Cards

Scouts Christmas Cards are now on sale for £3 per pack or two packs for £5. Each Card celebrates Scouting adventures with the mascot Doris the Donkey. You can send our cards to all your Scouting friends and raise money to support UK Scouting as we endeavour to reduce our waiting list of 55,000 young people.

Fundraising with the Christmas Post

You can fundraise for your local group or district by organising to deliver the Christmas Post! Charities can deliver Christmas cards during the period 25 November to 1 January and make a small charge for this service. You can raise funds through the sale of stamps.

It’s important to plan out the area and the amount of rounds you are going to do very carefully. You also have to sort the post and consider where you will station your post boxes so that people can see them.

There’s lots to consider but this could be a fun activity to raise money in your local area. Visit this link to see the full instruction set on how you can plan out a Christmas Post fundraiser.

Remember to Stay Safe

Whether you're planning to post leaflets for a winter event or a Christmas card delivery service, take a moment to consider the risks. Every year, there are finger injuries from letterboxes and dogs, but a few simple precautions can minimise harm. Please share these simple tips:

1 - If a letterbox has a flap to lift, this should be held open with one hand while the item is pushed through with the other. Only when your hand is back through, should it be let go.

2 - If the flap pushes in, these can have sharp edges and a strong spring which could trap your hand. Use one hand to push the flap open and hold it open, while your other hand does the posting.

3 - Many letterboxes have bristles to prevent draughts, which also stop leaflets and thinner cards getting through. Never put your fingers through the bristles, as there may be a dog. When posting leaflets through bristles, take a plastic ruler with you to poke the leaflet through with.

We hope these tips have given you lots of ideas for your seasonal messages this Christmas and remember to always stay safe!