Carl Sterman was born into a Jewish family in Vienna in 1933, as World War 2 loomed. When he was just four years old his parents sent him to Belgium for safety and two years later, he caught the last British Red Cross train to London, escaping the advance of the Nazi Party. In England his father had joined the British Army and his mother had gone into service, and so Carl was evacuated to Eye near Peterborough. He was 12 years old before he was reunited with his parents in London.

Carl joined the movement as an adult because he wanted to give back to the country that had given him a safe haven as a child. He was a Scout leader for many years, helping more young people to have brighter futures. He gave over 45 years of service as a leader and was awarded the medal of merit and the Silver Acorn. All four of his children went through the Guiding and Scouting Movements. He is fondly remembered by all his ex-Scouts, many of whom attended his funeral in March 2017. This remarkable legacy is lovingly engraved on the Promise Path at the home of the Scouts.

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