Scouting families from Dorset

The Jupp and Lane families have been involved in scouting since their oldest children started in Beavers in 2010.  Today between the two families they boast a sea scout, a sea scout leader, two explorers (both also young leaders), three parent volunteers and one very committed sibling volunteer.

In October 2017, all three of the scouting youngsters heard they had been selected to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia USA. With this amazing opportunity came daunting prospect of raising £3,600 per scout.

It was time to convert the excitement into cash for the families. The fundraising commenced with the combined family target being a whopping £10,800.

The start of the biscuit stamp

The genesis of the Scouting biscuit stamp came whilst running a group cake stall on a cold and windswept Mothering Sunday on Mudeford Quay in Dorset. The stall did amazingly well and post event reflection identified what was missing was that special something to unite the group and give a greater connection with the public; proud scouts, selling identifiable great scout produce.

That was the spark ...and with the initial idea of stamping the scout logo onto giant cookies and a 3D printer in the spare room Project Scouting Biscuit Stamp was born!

Skills to overcome a challenge 

The two explorers wholeheartedly embraced the challenge. With one excelling in product design and the other in food technology at school, they were well set up to turn the concept into reality. After several trials of different designs, the Scout Biscuit Stamp and Cutter prototype was made

Before long Scout Biscuit Stamp and Cutters were being 3D printed in the spare room and different recipes were being tweaked - it was all hands on deck with more testing .

Further events followed and with them the biscuit stamp and cutter design and use evolved. The giant biscuit stamp and cutter was soon joined by a smaller biscuit stamp and cutter to enable small packs of biscuits to be sold.

The District Sports day was another milestone. The stamp was used to make gold scout logo medals for all participants and being so well received the District Commissioner has already placed an order for next year!

Soon to be selling on Scout Stores

Things were getting serious and exciting. The Jupps and Lanes like to refer to this stage as seriously exciting! If the Scout Biscuit Stamp and Cutter was to be used more widely, and potentially produced and sold, we would need to really support them with this venture. At this point in time samples have just been well received by Scout Stores and with some final tweaks the Jupps and Lane will be in full production in the next couple of month

Products now include

  • The large Scout Biscuit stamp and cutter
  • The small Scout Biscuit stamp and cuter
  • The mini Scout Biscuit stamp and cutter
  • The Scout cappuccino stencil
  • The individual starter fundraising pack
  • The group starter fundraising pack


Its important to note that safety is key here, if you are planning on running your own bake sale and creating your own goods for others to consume, make sure you refer to our scouting safety guide here on our members site. 

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If you want to know when the products are online please let us know at [email protected] and we’ll let you know when they're for sale! 

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