Hello! Now that you have expressed your interest in the Scout-led National Citizen Service (NCS) Pilot Programme for February 2020, here’s what you will be getting involved in and how you can sign up.

The Scout-led NCS Pilot Programme

Together, Scouts and NCS are offering young people the opportunity to sign up to an exciting and immersive experience, crammed with adventure, life skills and social action. The pilot programme is government-funded for young people aged 15-17 years as long as you turn 16 by 31st August 2020. The pilot programme includes:

The Residential Experience

From 15th - 20th  February 2020, you will be staying at the Jack Petchey Lodge in Gilwell Park, Chingford, famous for its Scouting heritage, beautiful settings and stunning range of activities.

During the residential, you will have a chance to engage in Scout-led activities like tomahawk throwing, campfires, wide games, bushcraft, biking, 3G swing, crate stacking and more. There will also be opportunity to work on employability skills like CV-writing, take a mock interview (with external recruiters) and sessions on leadership and public speaking. 

From 20th - 22nd February, you will develop and deliver a "passion project" that is important to you. This is all about putting skills into practice and giving you an opportunity to use your voice to make a lasting impact.

You will be accommodated in Scandinavian-style lodgings at the Lea Valley Youth Hostel Association in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, close to the River Lee Country Park.

Social Action Weekend

From Saturday, 29th February and on Sunday, 1st March 2020, you will complete your chosen social action project within your local community.

At the end of the pilot programme there will be a graduation ceremony,  once you have completed the social action project.

Here is an example of a day on the Scout-led NCS Programme:

8.00h Breakfast. To kickstart the day and be prepared. 

8.55h Good Morning - time to brief everyone on the day's activities.

9.15h Activity 1. 3G Swing to get everyone energized. 

11h Activity 2. A debate to get your thinking caps on and engage with your patrol.

12.30h Lunch break

13.30h Activity 3. Have fun and learn - Bushcraft.

15.15h Activity 4. Tomahawk throwing, Ladder Climb or personal finance skills.

17h Dinner. You will do your own cooking sometimes and at other times we will cater for you.

19h Evening activity. Possibly a campfire / night games / CV-writing. You will also reflect on the day and what's coming up next with your team. 

20:30h Patrol time. Each patrol will choose a game or activity: either play cards / board games / skills sharing. You can also choose to spend time by yourself and read or revise.

To find out more about the residential experience please click here.

Why should I sign up the Scout-led NCS Pilot Programme?

You should join because this is a unique pilot programme which gives you the opportunity to be involved in pioneering it for other young people. This programme blends together the best parts of both NCS and Scout such as community impact, key life skills and adventure, to make the experience a life-changing one for young people. We use our Scout Adventure sites, which are of the highest quality in terms of safety, activities and you will be supported by wonderful staff who are all trained to high standards.

What's more, going on this residential counts towards completing a residential for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold and Queen's Scout Awards. Certain specific activities on this pilot programme could also count towards Explorer Activity Badges. It's a perfect opportunity for you to begin working towards awards and badges you thought were too difficult to complete!

Other reasons include:

  • If you sign up to take part in the Scout-led pilot, you can still also take part in an NCS summer programme. If you have already completed an NCS programme you are also welcome to sign up. 
  • Many universities look very favourably on people who have graduated from NCS; plus your wide range of skills and experience would definitely give your CV a boost!
  • The pilot programme is offered to Scouts and non-Scouts. So you can sign up with a friend and be assigned to the same patrol. 

Payment and Sign Up 

All it takes is a £50 contribution to guarantee your spot on the programme. But don’t worry if you feel you cannot afford it, there is bursary scheme which is 100% confidential. 

Travel will be provided from designated local meeting points.

Eligibility Criteria For Bursary

Some young people may be eligible for support towards the cost of the £50. Largely, young people are eligible for a bursary if:

    • They are in, or have recently left the care of the Local Authority 
    • Currently receiving Free School Meals 
    • Have an Education Health Care (EHC) Plan 

If you believe you or your young person may be eligible for a bursary, please get in touch with a member of the NCS Team before selecting this option on 07966 186 384 or [email protected]. The team will be able to confirm if you are eligible in the strictest confidence.

The Scout-led NCS pilot team are committed to ensuring that our programme is accessible to everyone. If you have any worries or reservations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Next Steps

After payment you will receive a payment confirmation email instantly. We will send an email outlining the next steps within 2 working days.

Contact us: 07966 186 384 or [email protected]



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