To help you get inspiration for your fundraising activities and help you reach that £250 target, we've put together some ideas, ordered from A-Z.

Arts Evening

Why not plan a painting or crafts party with your friends? You can charge attendees a ticket rate and perhaps arrange an online auction for the things you create.


Organise a bingo evening with your network. You can make it themed around the scouts or Gilwell Park if this helps to get people engaged and have lots of fun.

Curry Night

A curry night or any cuisine could be a good way to draw in your supporters by their stomachs. Ask people for a donation to attend and cook a delicious meal! Remember to ask for a donation that both covers your costs and isn’t too much more expensive than a restaurant you would go to.

Desk Based Fundraising

Take your fundraising to work. Ask your colleagues for donations with a sponsored event, a sale, or something creative. Remember to explain what you’re doing it for and share your GoFundMe page as widely as possible.

Environment Promise

Perhaps you could pledge to go plastic free for a period or cut down your car use. Consider ways you could inspire people to donate by both supporting the environment and fundraising for a great cause!

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is a popular fundraising choice. You can either encourage everyone at: school, work, community, or group to dress up and pay a fee, or you could ask people to sponsor you for wearing fancy dress.

Give It Up

What can you ask people to sponsor you for quitting? Popular choices include alcohol, smoking or refined sugar. Think about your vices and consider what your friends might sponsor you to give up for a month or forever.

Hundred Challenge

The Great Step Forward celebrates 100 years of Gilwell Park, and when you make a team of 4, the distance you’ll cover together will be an incredible 100miles. Why not play on this big number and set your own “100” fundraising challenges?

  • You could set a target of 100 donations, that would be £2.5 per person to make £250
  • You could ask people to sponsor you to wear 100 items
  • You could try make a tower of 100 £1 coins
  • Get creative and make thank you cards for your first 100 donors

Inspire Talks

If you’re good at public speaking, perhaps you could ask to give talks on your fundraising. Use emotive stories to talk about the wonderful things scouting can do and why you’re setting yourself the 25mile challenge. You could give talks and ask for donations at: your local school, community group, workplace, or at events. This will only work if you can connect your audience to your cause.

Jumble Sales

Think of all the things you don’t use cluttering up your house and arrange a car boot sale. You’d be surprised at what you can make; one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.


Sing up a storm with your own karaoke evening and charge people to attend, or perhaps to escape.

Line of Coins

You can challenge your school, office, or group to make the longest line of coins possible – once you’ve finished, take the coins to the bank and add the money to your fundraising total!

Matched Giving

If you work for a corporation you might be able to secure matched funding. Speak to your employer and explain what you are doing to fundraise for the Scouts. They might agree to match what you raise or even just donate.

Name the…

You can buy a teddy, or toy and ask people to donate to name it. The more relevant to your audience the object is the better so think about if you can match mascots, symbols, or favourite animals to the item you choose.

Obstacle Course

You can set up a fun obstacle course outside or inside and ask people to donate or set up a challenge to find out who can finish it the fastest. Remember to consider health and safety when organising your events.

Pamper Day

Perhaps you can arrange a spa day, massages, or a relaxation evening with some face masks and your friends. Ask for donations to attend and make sure you cover your costs in this donation amount.

Quiz Night

You can organise a special quiz in your local pub, event space, or at home. Ask people for donations to play and draw people in with a fun and exciting prize.

Race Night

Perhaps you can watch a race or a sporting event with your friends. Set up your odds and ask people to make bets on the winner. Make sure that you don’t end up losing out and make sure everyone knows that the idea is to fundraise.

Sponsored Silence

If you like to talk and think people would sponsor it, why not try a period of silence? The more daring you are the better; you could challenge yourself to a few days or a week.

Tuck Shop

Maybe you’ve spotted a gap in the market at work for snacks or perhaps you’ve identified a few friends with a sweet tooth. Why not make a tuck shop you could either: set up at work, open at your scout meeting, or take with you on the go.


There’s a big market for upcycled items and second hand sales, particularly on online shops like depop, etsy, and eBay. If you’re creative, you could paint some old pots and utensils, refashion clothing items or make sock puppets and toys out of old items. You could sell them to friends and family or look to these online communities.  


If there’s a big decision in your workplace, community group, or friendship circle perhaps you could gather everybody together to call a vote. E.g a vote about food in the canteen, a vote on if you should shave your beard, or a vote on which colour should be worn on Fridays. Make it jovial, light hearted and encourage people to donate.  

Wax It Off

This is a classic and brave fundraising activity, waxing body hair for charity or you can also cut your hair too. Ask people to sponsor you for making such a bold decision and maybe record the event too.

X-Factor Competition

You could organise your own X-Factor competition to fundraise or just encourage everyone to come over and watch the show (or one like it). You can ask for donations from everyone involved, or perhaps hold a ticketed talent show.

Yoga Marathon

In keep with your fitness training you could hold a yoga marathon and challenge people to get to the end. Think of who you know who might be able to hold this event or a similar one for free. Ask your gym to help you or find out if any friends might know an instructor to help you reduce the costs.

Zone It

You can build Zones of relaxation, play, colour or light. Charge entry for these zones at work, in your community groups or event spaces. Always make sure you have permission with the owners of the space before doing something like this.