BEAR Nibbles believes in getting kids back to nature, both in what they eat and what they do – that’s why they are helping even more young people to spend time in the great outdoors, by partnering with the Beaver My Adventure Challenge Award. Come back to this page over the year to find fun ideas and new activities to help inspire Beavers as they take on challenges to earn their Award. Have a BEARilliant time in your adventures!

Beaver My Adventure Challenge Award

To help Beavers earn their My Adventure Challenge Award, BEAR Nibble produced resources with helpful techniques and tips for Leaders and fun activity sheets for the Beavers, as well as new and inspiring activities that meet the badge requirements. 

 Make Do Share  - Autumn 2018 resources

Astro-nought Dash! Dartboard

Astro-nought Dash! Characters

Activity sheets- Summer 2018

Don't forget to download both Beaver and Leader sheets!

Follow a trail

Follow a trail - for leaders

Follow a trail - for Beavers

Build a Den

Build a Den - for Beavers 

Build a den - For Leaders

Green Cross Code 

Green Cross Code - For Leaders

Green Cross Code- For Beavers

Green Cross Code - Crossing game

Green Cross Code - Crossing Checklist

Flying a kite

Flying a kite- For Beavers

Flying a kite- For Leaders


Stargazing -For Beavers

Stargazing- For Leaders

Stargazing- Useful links

Roasting Marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows on a fire or BBQ- For Beavers

Roasting marshmallows on a fire or BBQ- For Leaders

Make Do Share

Make Do Share Sept 16 - Obstacle course activity

Make Do Share Winter 16 - Fly a kite activity

Make Do Share Spring 17 - Greetings and flags activity

Make Do.Share March 17- Greetings

Make Do Share March 17 - Flags

Make Do Share - July 2017- Scavenger Hunt

BEAR's super scavenger hunt checklist- Make Do Share July 2017

Make Do Share - March 2018


“A big THANK YOU to all your team who contributed to the Cubs and Beavers having such a wonderful time in Essex at the weekend. We had a hard time moving our team on to enjoy the many activities after they found the bear in the woods. And as for getting some of them to eat something with beetroot in, genius, happy children during a happy day in the fresh air.”

Sharon Gaitskell, 2nd Marlborough Scout Leader 

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BEAR Nibbles makes delicious natural nibbles from gently baked fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains with no added nonsense. No added sugars, concentrates, preservatives, salt, gumming agents...absolutely nothing. BEAR Nibbles believes in getting back to nature in what you eat and what you do, so we carefully choose partners who believe in this too!

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