Did you know that 2.1 billion people use Facebook every day? If you haven’t done so already, set up a Facebook page for your Scout group to make the most of this huge audience.

How Facebook can help you fundraise

Use your Facebook page to share news, updates and fundraising plans.

For example: create a story about your group’s successes and impact on young people > tell your audience about a problem your group has > host a fundraiser to fix the problem and invite your Facebook audience to help. Thanks to your updates, your audience will be really engaged and want to help your Scout group by the time you announce your fundraiser.

If your local Scout group is a registered charity, add your charity details to Facebook to host a Facebook fundraiser!

How to set up a Facebook page

Please note that you need a Facebook account to set up a page.

Step 1:

Log into Facebook

Step 2:

On your News Feed click the Pages icon

Step 3:

Select Create Page, normally in the top right of your screen    

Step 4:

Select Get Started on the Community or Public Figure option. Fill in the details in the box:

  • Page name (normally the name of your Scout group)
  • Category – type ‘Scout’ and Youth Organisation will appear for you to select
  • Address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • There is a tick box which offers the option to display your address or only the town/city and region. This is up to your group to decide.
  • Click Continue

Step 5:

Add a profile picture and a cover photo. See the Brand Centre if you don’t have approved images.

Step 6:

Your new Facebook page will load. From here, you can go into Settings, select Page Roles and choose your Admins and Editors. Top tip, make sure you have at least one other Admin.


How to manage your Facebook page

There is no set rule to manage Facebook pages so don’t be afraid to experiment. Add your website and details in the About section and begin posting updates. Invite all your friends to like your page.

You should always post a minimum of once a day so try and recruit some volunteers to help you manage the page. Aim to write around two or three posts per day. If you don’t have time to check Facebook every day there are free scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite you can use.

All your posts should have some form of imagery. This can be a photo, video, poll, or link to a website or article with a preview image. We suggest uploading MP4 videos instead of YouTube videos because MP4s will automatically play on your audience’s News Feed.

Remember, all your posts need a Call To Action (CTA). This could be: click here, donate here, read more, buy your tickets etc. 


If you are posting images, photos or using real names and stories from your Scout group, you need to make sure you have consent before writing your Facebook posts. Download our local group consent form here.