Inspiring stories help bring fundraising causes to life by creating a picture for the donor. They can learn how their donations make an impact to the Scouts and create a connection to your cause. Take a look at our top five things to consider when writing your own inspiring story…

What’s your aim?

Link your inspiring story with the topic of your fundraising.

For example: Tyler spent every opportunity he had in the Scout hut and gained confidence and lots of badges. But, the hut’s roof is in urgent need of repair. Help Tyler complete his next badge in a Scout hut with a new, safe roof.

Emotion is key

We want our audience to be moved by the case study to encourage them to donate. Your story could be celebratory, emotional or something else. Think about what is important to your audience. You need them to relate to your story which will encourage them to give larger donations.

For example: Cubs or Beavers, like Sonny, have an adorable cute factor!


Videos, photos and audio clips will bring your story to life to make it more powerful. Don’t forget to get your imagery consent form signed first!

A strong ask

All fundraising requires a strong call to action (CTA) so it is clear what you are trying to achieve, like “donate”, “read more” or “click here”. Suggested donations and ‘shopping lists’ are a great help to make the impact of their support viable.

For example: Hugh’s story from the 2019 Christmas Appeal includes three price points and examples of what they could help us achieve.

How do you find the right person?

Scout Leaders, District Commissioners and young people are the best places to start. They will know each other’s stories in and out. Give them a brief outline of the type of story you are after to guide them in the right place.

For example: Jack White’s group were all aware of his incredible expedition to Peru. Read Jack’s story here.


The Scout Association continues to gather case studies for campaigns and for you to use to promote your fundraising. If you have a great story you would like to share with us, get in touch today at [email protected].