What is a challenge event?
A challenge event might be a mountain climb, a marathon, or a tennis tournament in your local park – the events are usually physical, and go beyond what’s typical for a person to complete on an average day. This doesn’t mean you have to scale Mount Everest, just that you challenge yourself at your current ability (although generally, the more ambitious the challenge, the more money you raise). You can run, walk, swim, do all of the above, or select your own niche challenge like a softball or chess tournament. For an ambitious yet flexible challenge, you can also take a look at our Hundred-Mile Hike next year, which gives the opportunity for all Scouts to make a real impact. Don’t worry – you aren’t expected to hike the full one hundred miles yourself! 

Training for something like this improves your personal endurance and resilience, and helps you develops transferrable skills such as project management. It also means that you’re taking action not just for yourself, but for the benefit of others. Lots of people sign up to challenges and gain so much support; you’ll find yourself meeting new people, raising vital funds for yourself and others, and walking away with the satisfaction of achieving an impressive goal – all at the same time.

Anyone can take on a challenge. The only requirement is to be realistic in terms of planning and training, and to be aware of your capabilities and strength.
Two of our Scouts Adventurers, Rob and Poldy, recently undertook an outstanding challenge. They started at Marble Arch in London and travelled right up to the Arctic by running, swimming the channel, and rowing most of the distance the other side. You can read more about their challenge, and the training involved, here: http://www.arch2arctic.com

Challenge events can be organised at local, national or even international levels. We have guidance to help you achieve these, as well as plenty of ideas of how to get started. Remember – the bigger the challenge, the bigger the benefits.

Anytime that works for you. Key times in the year, like Christmas and just before summer, work well for most people. Christmas usually gets people feeling cause-driven and generous, and summer is a practical month to do any type of outside training and challenge due to the warmer weather.

If you have something specific in mind, please us know and we can talk through some ideas with you.

And finally, how?
If you have something you specifically want to do, the best thing to do is to get in touch with us so we can help you work out next steps.

If you feel like you want to do a challenge, but aren’t sure what that challenge could be, consider taking part in the very exciting Hundred-Mile Hike.

The Scouts’ Hundred-Mile Hike
To celebrate one hundred years of Gilwell Park, we’re organising an exciting new challenge to take place in June 2019. The Hundred-Mile Hike includes two options: one – visit Gilwell Park in a group of four to complete a 25-mile hike, taking in the beautiful views and enjoying a mass celebration at the end, or two – if you can’t get to Gilwell, form a group of any size and collectively hike one hundred miles together (so three people could do a 33-mile hike, for example), sending us photos of your route and letting us know how your group did. This is a great opportunity to raise important funds, learn new skills, and work towards fantastic new goal.
Ready for the challenge? Register your interest in the Hundred-Mile Hike here