As winter draws in many Scout Groups and Districts are thinking about all the incredible things that could be achieved next year if we could just access more funds! Whether you need to fundraise for a jamboree or Scout hut repairs, crowdfunding could help.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding sites are online platforms which bring a community of people together around a cause or a project. These projects may be charitable, business ideas, or specific projects which captivate people who are looking to financially support something they believe in.

How can Crowdfunding help my Scouting Activities?

If you have an activity or a goal you really care about, you could set up a page. This will show up to people who also believe in your cause and want to help. You can share this link over social media and email where the page will make it easy for your supporters to donate and everyone can track how close you are to meeting your goal!

And remember, its important to use engaging stories about your Scouting with a specific goal. People will give to a cause they feel connected to. An example of a brilliant campaign is the Midsomer Norton Scout Hut appeal. It's encouraging to see how well the campaign has gained support over such a short space of time!

How can I make my Crowdfunding page successful?

Make your page appealing: Visuals are important both on your crowdfunding page, and everywhere you share it. Try to use consistent branding, lots of images, and short, grabbing stories. Think about using quotes from young people, and make your page stand out. If you need help with resources, visit the Scouts Brand Centre.

Use the #GivingTuesday: Giving Tuesday is on 27th November this year. This is a viral social media campaign that lots of causes use to access people’s generosity after the American thanksgiving holiday and around the time of Black Friday. You can use this hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to gain attention.

Incentivise Donations: If you want to really encourage people to give big, you can incentivise this by offering personal thank you gifts to your supporters. This could be as simple as a thank you card hand drawn by one of your beavers, or perhaps a digital badge you can send in an email. The more creative you are, the more your page will stand out.

And remember, have fun: You may have to do lots of other activities to support your fundraising alongside your crowdfunding page. Make sure they’re fun and creative so you can share updates on your page. Show people how you’re spreading the word and raising money yourself. This will encourage people to donate because it shows you are serious about meeting your goal.