Brunton are proud to partner the Scouts in supporting the Scout Orienteer activity badge. The Brunton TruArc 5 and 10 are the Official Scout Compass models and are now included in the Scouts Nights Away Kit List and Expedition Kit List.

Scout Orienteer Activity Badge

Brunton partner the Scout Orienteer Activity Badge and have produced a fantastic resource pack and additional posters to support Scouts in achieving their Badge.

Orienteering Badge Activity Pack
Orientating the Map poster
Taking a Bearing poster

About Brunton

Brunton’s storied heritage is founded in the ability to help adventure seekers find their way. From professional instrumentation trusted by those whose lives or careers depend upon precision readings, to those simply wanting to make sure they know they’re on the right path, Brunton remains dedicated to ensuring those who wander are never lost. 

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History of Brunton

In 1894 David W. Brunton, a geologist working in Colorado, revolutionized modern navigation with the introduction of the Pocket Transit. Geologists and engineers of the time routinely carried around survey transits and compasses, tripods, clinometers, and plane tables while developing exploratory mineral maps. Originally manufactured for Mr. Brunton by Wm. Ainsworth & Sons, the Brunton Pocket Transit successfully combined the ability to measure compass bearings, horizontal and vertical angles, and obtain clinometer readings into an

“instrument sufficiently small and light to be carried in a vest pocket.”

The Pocket Transit virtually eliminated the need for tripods, or an assistant, to sight and read the bearing of distant objects and was built strong enough to remain accurate in the most demanding of professions. Fast-forward to 2015 and D.W. Brunton’s legendary Pocket Transit continues to be relied upon by geologists, engineers, and the United States Military; often holding a special place in the hearts of those who rely upon it for day-to-day navigation and mapping. While the materials and manufacturing technology continue to improve and functions are added, the overall design remains the same as those early units. Each Pocket Transit is made, by hand, in the small town of Riverton, Wyoming and that is where I was able to meet the talented men and women whose job it is to continue the tradition of designing and building this legendary equipment. Brunton only entrusts the repairs of their Pocket Transits to one person. Mrs. Betty has been making, and repairing, these measurement instruments since 1975.

Images and article: Beau Johnston, Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine