We want to run a raffle/tombola/race night. Do we need a licence?     
The information to answer this question can be found in Lotteries and Gaming section.


What are the rules for '100/200' clubs?     
Please refer to Lotteries and Gaming.


If we run several raffles, e.g. every quarter, do we need to get a licence every time?
Please refer to Lotteries and Gaming.


We want to shake some collection tins in the High Street for Group funds. Is this okay?
Street and House-to-House collections are strictly controlled. See Public Collections. 

As a Group we own our building but do not want to appoint local trustees because they are constantly changing. What can we do?

The Scout Association Trust Corporation (SATC) may be able to help. SATC can act as a sole custodian trustee whilst leaving the day-to-day running in the hands of the Group.  Other benefits include safe custody of Title Deeds, permanent trusteeship of property, etc. However, if there are any queries on other property matters and the SATC are not the custodian trustee for the Group, then only general legal advice can be offered.  If the problem cannot be solved by general legal advice alone, then it is advised that you consult a local solicitor.

You can write to The Secretary SATC, Gilwell Park, Chingford, London E4 7QW, email [email protected]  or telephone 0208 433 7178.      

Bag packing, what is it?

Many supermarkets will allow Scouts to 'help' customers pack their shopping bags at the checkouts and carry them to their cars. For this they may receive a small donation into an approved collecting tin/bucket. Arrangements must be made through the local store manager who has the final decision. Insurance will normally be covered by existing arrangements but check with Unity (Scout Insurance Services) if you have any queries.

How can we get a copy of the Constitution? (Required for lottery applications.)

Applications to Grant making bodies sometimes ask for a copy of our Constitution. In essence, this is the Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) and our Charter document. Rather than sending a full copy of the POR, it would be best to send the first chapter. This refers to the social, intellectual and spiritual development of the young people in Scouts. Provide the wording for: The Purpose of Scouting, The Values of Scouting, and The Scout Method. You can find the POR here.