Gill Clay, granddaughter of the founder of Scouting, a man that had a vision and ensured that it became a reality. Gill lives in Zambia and has done since a child, growing up in rural Zambia. Gill has lived in various countries around the world.

To this day, Gill still visits Scouting events around the world and share her experiences of scouting.

Gill started in brownies when she was young lady but after having sons, she got involved in the world of scouting. Over the years has attended a number of jamborees around the world but ultimately wouldn’t be involved in scouting if it wasn’t fun.

A proud moment of Gills of being a scout was when Libya’s services failed at one point and the scouts took over, they helped direct traffic and then helped bury the bodies for their country

Gill most recently attended Gilwell Park Reunion 2018 and tied one of the first two neckers, with one of our ambassadors, Dwayne Fields as part of the Scouts recently launched Campaign ‘The Circle of friendship’.

“For many like me, Gilwell Park is the spiritual home of Scouting.  It embodies my late Grandfather Lord Robert Baden-Powell’s dream of a dedicated training centre for Scouts.  With your support and generosity we can continue to preserve our wonderful rich heritage for many years to come.  Thank you on behalf of Scouts Worldwide for your valued support of the Gilwell Fellows programme”. Gill Clay