Gilwell Fellows

Gilwell Park is the spiritual home of Scouting; it embodies Baden Powell’s dream of a dedicated training centre for Scouts. We need vital funds to continue its protection and development.

If you have a connection to scouting, wish to continue scouting relationships and care deeply about Gilwell Park and its future then we’d love to welcome you into the fellowship.

Who are our Gilwell Fellows? 

Our Gilwell Fellows are passionate supporters that care deeply about Scouting and contribute to ensure that the programme is continued for future generations. By investing in Scouting and Gilwell Park, this is made possible.

Any support ensures that Scouts continue to learn practical skills for life, while also developing lasting friendships and having unforgettable outdoor adventures.

One of our existing fellows is Gill Clay, grand daughter of Lord Baden Powell  and you can read more of her story here

Where fellows contributions go?

100% of all funds from the Gilwell Fellows programme go directly towards the Gilwell Park development fund, we don’t take any to cover administration costs at all and you can see some of the developments we’ve made over the years and continue to do so as a direct result of our fellows.

Being part of the Gilwell Fellowship

The Gilwell Fellowship recognises a number of different donation levels within the programme beginning with GBP 2,500 and for Young Gilwell Fellows an initial donation of GBP 500. The Gilwell Fellows can join the programme from anywhere in the World and are encouraged to visit Gilwell Park to see for themselves the impact their donations are having on this special place

Here are our circles of fellowship:

  • Gilwell Oak Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 2,500
  • Essex Chase Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 5,000
  • Camp Square Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 10,000
  • Training Ground Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 25,000
  • Gidney Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 50,000
  • Maclaren Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 100,000
  • Log and Axe Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 500,000
  • Gilwell Park Circle recognising cumulative donations of GBP 1,000,000

All Gilwell Fellows will receive a special Fellowship pin along with a certificate and a VIP welcome at Gilwell Park. The three most senior levels will also receive an exclusive framed keepsake from Gilwell Park and an invitation to a private dinner from the Honorary Chair of the Gilwell Fellows, HRH The Duke of Kent.

HRH The Duke of Kent, President and Honorary Chair of the Gilwell Fellows

The Duke of Kent is pleased to be honorary chair of the Gilwell Fellows and dedicated to working with you all to making this a fellowship to be proud of. The Duke of Kent looks forward to meeting our fellows in due course and has shared a personal statement for you.

“Gilwell Park has reached a remarkable milestone. For 100 years it has been the spiritual home of Scouting, inspiring countless thousands of adult volunteers and young people to go out into the world equipped with skills for life. Gilwell Park is a place of great beauty and character; a place where friendships are born and where memories are made.

As President of The Scout Association I am delighted to also to be taking on the role of Honorary Chair of the Gilwell Fellows. It is important that we preserve the spirit and legacy of Gilwell for future generations, and I am looking forward to seeing how plans for this will be decided during what will be a memorable "Gilwell 100" centenary year. I would like to thank you for your generous support as we look back on our rich heritage and ahead to a promising future.”

You can download the full leaflet here for more information FD_Gilwell_Fellows_leaflet_WEB.pdf

Contact us to join

If you would like to become a Gilwell Fellow or require any further information, please contact the Fundraising Team at Gilwell Park on: 020 8433 7184 or email [email protected]