GoFundMe is excited to be sponsoring the Scouts and Explorers Fundraising Badges to support and empower young people to take action and make a positive change in the world around them. As the world’s number one fundraising platform, GoFundMe has enabled 70 million people from 125 countries around the world to raise more than £5 billion for causes they care about.

GoFundMe offers a free, easy and trusted way to raise money online:

  • 0% platform fee means more money goes to the cause
  • It’s quick and easy to use so getting a campaign off the ground takes just minutes
  • GoFundMe is dedicated to protecting every donation, which is why all donors and beneficiaries are covered by the industry's first and only guarantee - the GoFundMe Donor Guarantee

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Scout and Explorer Fundraising Badges 

GoFundMe will be creating resources and activities to support Scouts and Explorers to carry out impactful fundraising projects. 

To find out more about the Scout Fundraising Activity Badge and the Explorer Fundraising Activity Badge, click on the badges to the left.

You can get started on your fundraising project using these resources.

Choosing a cause activity

How to fundraise activity

MDS 31 - How to raise money online

MDS Autumn 2019 - Working together

Top Tips

Here are GoFundMe's Top Tips for your fundraising projects: 

How to create a campaign

Top Tips: Press release 

Top Tips: Sharing your campaign with the media

Top Tips: Creating a successful fundraising campaign

Top Tips: Filming with your phone

If you have a campaign you want to share, get in touch at [email protected]