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Together with the Scout Association we have set five challenges giving each scout group the chance to compete and to win their place at the top of the GWR Challenge leaderboard.


Competition entry date: 26 August to 18 November 2016

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  1. Fastest time to erect a four man tent Team of 10
  2. Fastest time to build a 10 layer cup pyramid Team of 12
  3. Fastest tennis ball pass Team of 10
  4. Most paper aircraft made and caught in a minute Team of 10
  5. Fastest time to burst ten balloons Team of 6


Qualify for your chance to make an official record attempt!

Each group standing at the top of the leader board at the end of the competition will win a visit from an official Guinness World Records adjudicator for an official record attempt and prizes!

Break a record and receive your Official Record Holder prize!

The successful record-breaking groups will receive an official record holder certificate and the possibility of their record title being featured in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2018 edition. You will also be given copies of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2017 and Gamer's Edition 2017

 (If you are unsuccessful in your attempt you will still get to take away copies of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2017 and Gamer's Edition 2017 for your brilliant participation, as well as some vouchers)

Watch the videos attempt and check out where you group rank up at

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