Heathrow's partnership with The Scout association is an opportunity to engage with young people about the importance and responsibilities of aviation, as well as to showcase the broad range of skills that the aviation industry relies on. Heathrow aim to inspire the next generation of pilots and aviation experts curiosity and enthusiasm. 

Air Activities Staged Activity Badge

Heathrow activities support all sections working towards the Air Activities Staged Activity Badge.

Aircraft Anatomy Activity
Flying Contest Activity
Hunt for the Hazard Activity
Make a Paper Plane Activity
Speak like a Pilot Activity
Visit to a place of Aviation Activity
Whatever the Weather Activity
Leaders Answer Sheet

Make Do Share March 16 - Weather watch activity sheet

Make Do Share June 16 - Weather watch quiz

Make Do Share July 17 - Interviews a pilot

Make Do Share November 17 - Make a model plane

Is it a bird answer sheet

About Heathrow

Heathrow is Britain’s gateway to the world. Each year, around 70 million passengers choose Heathrow as a springboard for travel and adventure, spending time with friends and family – or forging international business links. Heathrow helps more passengers with their journeys than any other airport in Europe.

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