We’ve partnered with award-winning residential experiences provider, Kingswood to offer Cubs and Scouts the best adventure experiences at ten outdoor learning and activity centres around the UK and France.

Cub and Scout, Adventure Challenge Awards

Kingswood support the Cub Our Adventure Challenge Award and Scout Adventure Challenge AwardAs a Scout partner, Kingswood aim to provide tailored packages at competitive rates for Cubs and Scouts to complete their Adventure Challenge Awards.

Cubs and Scouts can choose a range of activites from below which can work towards their Adventure Challenge Awards.

3G swing - Abseiling - Archery - Balance beam - Bodyboarding - Bouldering - Building a shelter - Canoeing - Caving - Climbing - Crate stack - Fencing - Hiking - Jacob's ladder - Kayaking - Leap of faith - Low ropes - Making and lighting a fire - Nightline - Orienteering - Raft building -  Stand-up paddleboarding - Surfing - Team challenge – Zipwire

Make Do Share - Spring 2017 - Fly a kite activity download

Take part

In different adventurous activities during your trip

(We will programme this into your timetable appropriate to the Cub and Scout Adventure Challenge Awards requirements) this can include new activities, developing existing skills and taking part in some practical skills activities


How you have developed your skills and expertise, including safety issues and showing that you can use the equipment – you can do this in your reflection sessions


Find out what you need to wear and take to your activities, and about any environmental issues caused by your activity – this will also be covered in your reflection sessions


Other ways you can take part, or develop your skills, in your chosen activities, and follow this up with action. You can use our scrapbook as a diary to make notes and plan your future adventures… (this requirement is only relevant for the Scout Adventure Challenge only)

Your Kingswood experience 

As a Scout partner, Kingswood aim to provide tailored packages at competitive rates for Cubs and Scouts to complete their Adventure Challenge Awards.

These packages will be built around relevant badge requirements for the section, the experience of the group and abilities of the young people.

Prior to booking, please take a look at activates on offer at the various Kingswood locations and consider which choices would most suit your group’s needs. 

Kingswood will strive to provide a programme to fulfil as many of the badge requirements as possible.

Exclusive offers!

Email Kingswood at scouts@kingswood.co.uk or call their friendly team on 0808 2739 501 for your unique partner benefits which could include tailored badge programmes and a free upgrade to an early arrival or a late departure.


Dorking District Cubs visited the Kingswood centre in Ashford in February 2017 to undertake their Adventure Challenge Award for the day.

"The main thing is how they (the cubs) were able to push themselves, the last child you see on the abseiling wall in the video clip is Sebastian who is in my pack, he’s 8 years old, his Dad James is our Beaver leader.  

Sebastian came to the top of the tower, but initially would not go down the rope, he was too frightened.  Robbie one of the instructors on the tower, suggested he go down, talk with his friends and if he wanted too he could come back up and have another go at the end of the session. Lo and behold, towards the end of the session Sebastian appeared at the top of the stairs, he really wanted to do it, and he’s almost smiling in the pictures!  His Mum Jo was delighted she told me last night he has a real fear of heights and of falling, but he wanted to push himself to see what he could do and the environment with the cubs gave him the perfect opportunity to do this, I sat with Sebastian and 3 others on the coach on the way home - they were absolutely buzzing about the day, so full of excitement and a real sense of achievement too”

Ian Jones- 12th Dorking (Newdigate) Cubs

Click here to watch the Dorking Cub Pack enjoy their day at Kingswood

About Kingswood

Founded over 30 years ago, Kingswood welcomes over 165,000 young people each year from over 75 countries around the world. Each centre provides a safe environment for a wide range of over 60 adventurous activities and learning opportunities, both indoors and outdoors, from kayaking and abseiling to problem solving and bushcraft sessions.

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