The Scout Association is proud to announce that Northern Powergrid is partnering with Cub Home Safety badge. More than two million young people under the age of 15 have accidents in and around the home every year, for which they are admitted to accident and emergency units. Northern Powergrid is committed to helping young people prevent accidents at home and know what to do if one happens.

Cubs Home Safety Activity Badge

Northern Powergrid has created a fun and engaging set of resources to deliver on the first four of five Cub Home Safety badge requirements. To download them, click on the links below:

Requirement 1 - Find out what to do about a burst water pipe, gas leak or electricity power failure in your home. 

Emergency Loop Chase Game - Instructions

Emergency Loop Chase Game - Activity

Requirement 2 - Identify the common causes of accidents in your home. How can they be prevented? 

Common Home Accidents - Instructions

Common Home Accidents - Wordsearch

Common Home Accidents - Spot The Hazard - Living Room

Common Home Accidents - Spot the Hazard - Garden

Requirement 3 - Find out how to protect your home from crime. 

Corner Quiz - Instructions

Corner Quiz - Quiz

Corner Quiz - Corner Cards

Requirement 4 - Find out where the nearest telephone box is to your house. Where else could you make an emergency call if the public telephone wasn't working? 

Public Telephone Search - Activity

MakeDoShare - Winter 2017 - Boardgame

MakeDoShare - Winter 2017 - Cards

MakeDoShare - July 2018 - Danger Zone! 

MakeDoShare - Winter 2018 - Intruder Alert!

MakeDoShare - Summer 2019 - Safe As Houses 

MakeDoShare - Summer 2019 - Safe As Houses - download

Take it further with this great Northern Powergrid Activity Book! 

Priority Services Register  

Do you know of a family member, neighbour or friend who would benefit from some extra support during a power cut or interruption to their gas and water supply? They may be elderly, have young children (under 5 years), a disability or be medically dependent on electricity. You can sign them up for free by calling 105 (the same number to report a power cut).  Water and gas companies have a Priority Services Register too – you can find their contact details by looking at a recent utility bill or by doing a quick search online.

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About Northern Powergrid

Northern Powergrid is responsible for the electricity network that keeps the lights on for 3.9 million homes and businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

With some 63,000 substations and 60,000 miles of overhead lines and underground cables, it powers some 8 million customers' lives every day.

Northern Powergrid work with partners and their local community groups to support vulnerable customers and the communities they serve. 

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Did you know? 

Northern Powergrid's exciting education programme brings engineering to life and supports children and young people to learn new skills and stay safe around electricity through presentations and hands-on activities. 

As part of the partnership, Northern Powergrid is also offering free education talks about how to stay safe around its power network to Scout groups across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, as well as providing activity books for Cub groups full of great safety advice and activities. 

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