A life in Scouts is a life crammed with memories. Why not commemorate a special memory or a treasured leader, partner or friend with a brick along the Promise Path at Gilwell Park?  Since 2016, Scouts from around the world have engraved heartfelt messages on their bricks along the path– you could join too.

As the headquarters of Scouts UK, Gilwell Park holds a special place in the hearts of people across the globe. The Promise Path offers an opportunity to treasure your memories and share them with generations to come.

Deciding which brick to choose

Choose from six brick options that range from a Single Clay Brick (£50) to a Bespoke Granite Brick (£1,500).

Note: Character length includes spaces.

Single Clay Brick: 210x105mm
2 lines of text, 16 characters per line
Square Clay Brick: 210x210mm
3 lines of text, 16 characters per line
Single Granite Brick: 400x200mm
3 lines of golden text, 22 characters per line
Square Granite Brick: 300x300mm
4 lines of golden text, 22 characters per line
Large Square Granite Brick: 400x400mm
5 lines of golden text, 26 characters per line
Bespoke Granite Brick: 400x600mm
6 lines of golden or black text, 26 characters per line

Buy your brick today

If you have a message, person or Group close to your heart, honour them on the Promise Path. Follow the simple steps on our order page. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a personalised certificate!

Buy a brick

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take for my brick to be laid in the Promise Path?

We arrange brick laying for approximately 100 bricks at a time. We estimate that we’ll need around two brick laying sessions a year. But don’t worry, you’ll be kept up to date with all the timings once you’ve bought a brick.

Can I put symbols on my brick?

Yes. Things like: ! & * @ / - : are all classed as normal characters. Symbols like a heart or star are welcome on the bricks but may need to be engraved by hand. Before we confirm your brick order, we’ll speak with our engravers to check they fit or if they require a small additional charge. For example: a hand-carved heart usually costs £7.

I’d like to add a logo onto my brick, how do I do this?

We tend to reserve logos for the larger bricks, like Bespoke Granite Bricks because we can’t guarantee logos will fit on the other bricks. Fill in your brick order as normal and add ***LOGO*** on the line you want it. Please note that logos will take up more than one line of space. We’ll get in touch, or you can email us at [email protected] to send an EPS file of your logo.

Can I make any changes to my brick before it’s laid?

Yes. You can amend your text or even change your brick size. We prefer that you make your changes within 10 days of receiving your confirmation letter. If you wish to make changes after this time, the team will do their best to arrange this for you, but please don’t leave it to the last minute!

I bought a brick on behalf of someone else, who’s the certificate made out to?

Many people like to surprise a loved one or Scout Group with a brick in their honour. If this applies to you, after you’ve completed your order please email [email protected] to confirm who you’d like the certificate made out to.

Can I see an example of the certificate?

Of course! For a sample certificate, please click here.

There’s an error on my brick/my brick is cracked, but it’s already in the Promise Path. What do I do?

If you’re one of the thousands of visitors each year walking along the path, please let us know if you notice your brick has an error or if you see a broken brick. Simply ask the Reception at Gilwell Park to call Charlotte Schofield (our Individual Giving Executive) and she’ll come down and meet you. Or, you can email [email protected]. We’ll find the issue and add this onto the next available brick laying.

There are nearly 1,000 bricks in the Promise Path, how will I find mine?

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to read every brick until you find yours! Check out the new Promise Path map so you can find your brick in seconds. If you’re visiting Gilwell Park to see your brick, get in touch and the team will help you find your brick and show you around.