Donate here to support the Promise Path and support the future of Scouting.

For over 100 years Scouting has fuelled futures, fired young people’s imaginations and helped shape the future of society. With our Promise Path Appeal your support will lead young people along their own best path.

As you know, the opportunities that Scouting provides are amazing.

Scouting empowers children and young people, and enables them to achieve their full potential. It teaches them essential life-skills like leadership, independence, initiative and resilience, and gives them the gift of life-long friendship. The Promise Path represents our own Promise to provide young people with new opportunities and a new path to follow.

Your donation could help to fund important training for volunteers, provide disadvantaged communities with vital grants or help the 55,000 young people on our waiting list experience fun and adventure. Together we can leave a lasting legacy at Gilwell Park.

You could immortalise your Scout Group, preserving its name for years to come. Also, engraving a brick in the Promise Path is the perfect way for you to celebrate a special date. This could be the date of your own Promise, or even the date of your first meeting.

It is also a chance to support Scouting while giving something back to a friend or loved one.

If you would like to have a brick engraved to honour someone important to you, you can do so in their name—whether you are thanking a Scout Leader for many years of service, or celebrating your Scout Group for its impact on you and the community.

The Promise Path will trail through the centre of the spiritual home of Scouting, Gilwell Park, an uplifting new addition built by supporters like you.

Donate to the Promise Path Appeal and create a lasting memory whilst building a brighter future for Scouting.

Supporters choose to commission a brick in the Promise Path for lots of different reasons. Here's a link to our Promise Path blog where you can read the stories behind the bricks