The Promise Path offers an opportunity for our supporters and friends to engrave special messages on a brick of your choice. As the Spiritual Home of Scouting and a beautiful place for weddings, getaways, and outdoor activities - Gilwell Park holds a place in the hearts of many across the world. You can order your brick now; the next date we will be laying bricks is to be confirmed however we are looking at Winter 2019 or early 2020.


On the Promise Path individuals can leave a legacy by engraving names, dates, and sending a donation to help young people for years to come.

But what’s the significance of leaving a name? From the time our names are printed on our birth certificates, we carry them with us. We use them to sign letters and contracts. They get engraved on proudly won trophies or inside hearts carved on the trunk of a tree. People scrawl their names along graffiti walls, bathroom cubicles, park benches, simply to let the world know that ‘I was here’.

Like Scouts leaving tracking symbols on a trail, our names are our metaphorical coordinates. They’re a small reflection of who we are, what we discovered, where we’ve gone. On trail we may leave symbols made of twigs and stones: crosses to indicate danger, arrows pointing left or right, warning signs of an obstacle ahead, or a circle with a dot in the centre to let people know we’ve ‘gone home’ –  a tracking symbol which took on deeper meaning during WW1, when the symbol was placed on the graves of the fallen to signify that they had ‘gone home’ to a final resting place. read more...

Over the past century Gilwell Park has become the Spiritual home of Scouting and a place where people celebrate shared journeys. We invite you to become a part of the landscape by joining our path.  

You can engrave your special message on a brick with as little as a £50 donation to support young people with #SkillsForLife. We have 6 different types of brick available to host your special message. One of these bricks is our special Bespoke Granite Paver for £1,500.

If you would like to make your own custom mark at the Spiritual Home of Scouting, call us on 020 8433 7155.

Please note that the first brick/ single clay brick will be produced in a similar clay colour from winter 2019 due to a change in supplier. 

If you would like to download our Promise Path activity sheet, (perfect for filling some time between Beaver, Cub, or Scout activities), click here to find our printable PDF. 

Special stories on the Promise Path

Over 700 engraved bricks make up the Promise Path and there's a special story behind every brick. We've been collating some of our favourite Promise Path stories so we can share them with you. You can read David's story below or click here to read more stories.

As a gift celebrating his 50 happy years in the Scouts, David Carr received a brick in the Promise Path from his wife to mark his Scouting legacy. David begun his life in Scouts as a leader and then went on to become Assistant County Commissioner (Additonal Needs).

David has been involved in the Scouts since he was 11 years old. As a teacher in a special education school, he delivered weekly Scouts meetings to introduce the young people with additional needs to a social environment they’d never experienced before. David’s experience led him to becoming an Additional Needs Adviser. He travelled all over to help Scout Groups include young people of all abilities.

The brick began as a Christmas gift for him to treasure but it became a good excuse for a family pilgrimage. Alongside his daughter (a Queen’s Scout), his eldest grandson (a very enthusiastic Cub) and youngest grandson (a budding Beaver-to-be), David travelled from Yorkshire to Gilwell Park to see the brick in place. Walking along the path and seeing their name in honour of their time in Scouting was a special memory for the family to share.