It’s so important to make sure you can maximise your fundraising—you can do this by making sure you are promoting your efforts.          

There are all sorts of ways that you can promote your activities:     

  • Set up a fundraising page letting your sponsors and supporters see your progress.
  • Make posters to let people know what you are fundraising for. Public buildings such as libraries and others will often have somewhere to display posters or leave leaflets.  Local businesses and branches of stores may also help you by displaying posters and information.
  • Use a Facebook or Twitter page for your Scout Group to promote your work.  Let people know your objective, why it is necessary and what activities or fundraising ideas you have planned to reach your goal.
  • You can also use Instagram to document your fundraising with pictures.
  • Network with your family and friends by sending emails—you never know who might have useful links to organisations that might be able to give you some support.
  • Some local papers and magazines will advertise community events for free, so do check with them.
  • Similarly, local radio stations might provide you with promotion should you ask if they would interview you.      

Top Tips!

The internet is great for promoting your activities!  When using the internet for fundraising and promoting, make sure you share everything!  Share as much with your supporters, co-workers, friends and family as possible!  Just make sure that you don’t spam people’s inboxes—be careful and considerate with how often you contact them.

It is so important to publicise your activities and your successes while fundraising.  Not only does it encourage your supporters to give again in future, but it will encourage them to give more.  It makes it clear that you are putting in a lot of work, and potential supporters and donors will really respond to that. 
The print centre is a service available to Adult Scouting members to create branded and personalised materials to use for Scout Groups.  To access, log into You can use this resource to create fundraising materials.