If every Scout in the UK recycled one more milk bottle, it would save enough energy to power a primary school for nine and a half weeks, helping to improve the environment - but we need your help.

Did you enjoy your recycling challenge?

In 2016, Recycle Now challenged Scouts of all ages to help their families and friends understand more about what to recycle around the home.

Groups all over the UK found the fun in recycling plastics, paper, card, metals and glass items from around the home by taking part in our challenge. With over 60 groups taking part, their hard work saw over 77,000 items recycled!

Celebrating the Challenge

If your group took part in this challenge, you can download your Certificate here to celebrate your contribution!

Share your success on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ReadySetRecycle or email partnerships@scouts.org.uk to tell us your feedback.

About Recycle Now

Find out more about Recycle Now at recyclenow.com and recycleforwales.org.uk.

Ready, set, recycle!