Gilwell Fellow Reunion Highlights

We've included some updates on Reunion along with some exciting news. This year at reunion we had 34 Gilwell Fellows attending the event and we enjoyed a jam-packed agenda from visiting our local Heritage exhibition in Epping Forest Museum, a trip to Brownsea and hearing about the most recent updates on UK scouting projects – as well as enjoyed the biggest and best reunion at Gilwell Park to date!

Thanks to all who attended and the enthusiasm among the group for us to promote the Gilwell Fellows, we had 33 new Gilwell Fellows join over the weekend which is incredible – so thank you for all your support!

Please take a look at our Gilwell Reunion 2019 Update if you want to hear how the programme went. 

Click on the picture below to see the full Gilwell Reunion 2019 album.

Gilwell Reunion 2019

Thank you to Hywel George, Griot Creative and Marcos Clayton Fernandes Pessoa for allowing us to use their images.

Growing Gilwell Fellows and Young Fellows

We now currently have 70 Gilwell Fellows from all around the world ad part of our programme which is fantastic news – let’s aim to make it to 100 by the end of Gilwell 100.

Will you support us?

Last year at reunion we launched the Young Fellows Programme and to date we now have 5 new members, please share with your networks to help us grow this number so that we can ensure future generations will continue this legacy we have in place.

Interest in Reunion 2020

If you are interested in attending Reunion in 2020 do confirm your interest now. We have limited space in the Whitehouse next year so we need to make sure we can cater for numbers attending. Email [email protected]

Joining the Gilwell Fellows 

If you're not an existing Gilwell Fellow, then please take a look at what the fellows contributions go towards and how you can get involved. Our latest leaflet is here FD_Gilwell_Fellows_leaflet_WEB.pdf