Rolls-Royce is a long term supporter of The Scouts, partnering with us to inspire our members in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Having supported the Cub Scientist Badge for many years, they are going a step further by partnering our brand new Scout Scientist Badge. 

Rolls-Royce will provide a range of resources to help cubs and scouts discover the Science that makes the world work. We will co-create activity ideas that are relevant and engaging, giving Cubs and Scouts the opportunity to explore STEM in ways that are creative and off the beaten track!

Cub Scientist Activity Badge and Scout Scientist Activity Badge

Rolls-Royce supports Scientist Badge activities at Scouting events and at on their own sites.

Cub Scientist Activity Badge resources:

Coloured ice activity

Rainbow flowers activity

Growing crystals activity

Grow a bean or pea activity  / bean record sheet

Grow cress activity / cress record sheet

Make a hot air balloon activity / balloon record sheet

Make a compass activity / compass record sheet

Take a pulse activity / pulse record sheet

Scout Scientist Activity Badge resources:

Volcano Activity ***NEW***

Find below more activity ideas in Rolls-Royce features in Make Do Share magazine:

Make Do Share Winter 15 - Build a wormery activity / wormery record sheet

Make Do Share Spring 16 - Chemical reactions activity

Make Do Share Winter 16 - Tower building activity

Make Do Share Spring 17 - Volcano & tornado activity

Make Do Share Autumn 17 - Make a gloopy slime

Make Do Share Spring 18 - Make a rainforest

Make Do Share Autumn 18 - Launch a rocket

Make Do Share Summer 19 - Sink or swim

What are you favourite science activities and experiments that you’ve enjoyed doing?
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