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At 6 years old, Sophie, used her first aid skills, which she had learnt at the 14th Aldershot Beavers only the evening before, when her mum collapsed and was unable to move or speak.

Brave Sophie put her Mum in the recovery position, told her panicked sisters to remain calm and fetch help, before sitting with her mum, stroking her hair and talking to her.

The mother-of-five said she is incredibly proud of Sophie, who attends St Michael’s Church of England Junior School in Aldershot, adding that the incident has highlighted the importance of teaching young children what to do in an emergency. "I cannot say enough how proud and grateful I am to the Beavers for what they did. I thought it was a fun group for the kids to go to, and now I realise how important it is."

Adam Jollans, the volunteer scouting manager for Hampshire, said the organisation is proud of her.

"Sophie was amazing with her quick thinking and calm reaction to her mum’s collapse ...It shows the value of first aid training to anyone, however young, since you don’t know when you might need to put it into practice. We’re all very proud of what Sophie did, and hope she has lots of fun and adventure in the future as a Beaver Scout."