The Scout Association retains complete control over the location and date of installation of all stones in the Promise Path.

The stones are and will remain property of The Scout Association. 

The Scout Association agrees to maintain the stones for a minimum of 5 years. 

Stones used may differ in colour from those illustrated.

Stones may become worn, weathered or damaged by natural cause without any liability to The Scout Association.

In exceptional circumstances, The Scout Association reserves the right to relocate stones. 

The Scout Association reserves the right to refuse any application at its discretion.

The Promise Path is intended to be positive and inspiriting, any inscriptions containing prhases such as 'in loving memory' or similar are likely to be refused.

After you receive teh certificate confirming your inscription, you will have 10 days to notify us of any possible changes. 

One receipt of your order form, your request will be granted subject to (A) approval of the inscription and (B) availability of stones and (C) remaining space in the Promise Path.