Add your personal story- This gives your friends and family and opportunity to see what Scouting means to you and how passionate you are. Make sure your fundraising page is compelling and explains your motivation.

Visit your local Scout group- This is a fantastic opportunity to let people who understand the cause know what you are doing.

Use online options- Social networking sites are a great way to raise awareness amongst your friends about what you are doing. Try adding a signature line for your fundraising page to your emails!

Take advantage of our Brand Centre- generate your own posters, flyers, invitations and banners customised to your event at our brand centre allowing you to make personalised fundraising materials in a matter of minutes- giving you more time to fundraise.

Match your fundraised amount- Some workplaces will match the amount of money you raise so be sure to check.

Ask your local business- Lots of opportunities to engage local businesses. For example, hold a pub quiz at your locals and get all your friends to come along. Or try a spot of backpacking at your local supermarket.

Get your work mates involved- For example hold a dress down day, have a cake sale, put out a fundraising pot or have a work picnic.

Post your milestones on Social Media- Show your friends and family how hard you are working by posting your achievements on Twitter and Facebook. Use apps like Nike Plus and Map My Run to capture your routes, times and PB's!

Write a Blog- document your experiences of training and fundraising through a blog. We’ll publish what we get, and link your fundraising page to the article to make sure your efforts get as much attention as possible. Colin Ratcliffe who ran for us last year wrote an excellent blog and was very successful in his fundraising.

Keep Going - Don't stop fundraising once you've finished the race. Research shows that around 20% of donations are collected after the marathon is finished so be sure to tell everyone how it went, put a photo of you crossing the finishing line on your page, update your blog, let everyone know the nasty recovery stories!