Swiss Army Knives are synonymous with Scouting, a central part of every Scout’s experience of the great outdoors. Together Victorinox and The Scout Association share a commitment to ensure that young people have the information and guidance available to be able to use, maintain and care for a Swiss Army Knife, ensuring all Scouts will have the opportunity to learn responsible ownership of this outdoors kit. Victorinox are thrilled to partner the Scout Survival Skills badge, supporting a range of activities to help leaders deliver this area of the programme safely and inspire every Scout to develop their outdoor survival skills

Scout Survival Skills Activity Badge

A series of resources have been developed with Victorinox and Scout Leader bushcraft experts. It aims to give Scouts all the information and guidance they need when working towards their Scout Survival Skills Activity Badge, including knife safety, how to build a fire and shelter from natural resources, administering emergency first aid and signalling for assistance in a survival situation.

Knife Safety Leaders resource
Knife Safety activities
Shelter Building resource and activities
Building a Fire resource and activities
Distress Signals resource and activities
Survival Kit resource and activities
Hygiene resource and activities
First Aid resource and activities *Updated
Camp Cooking resource and activities

*Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke information corrected/updated February 2016

Additional resources and activities

Additional leaders notes on knife safety
Making chopsticks with Victorinox

Make Do Share Spring 16 - Bow drill activity

Make Do Share Summer 16 - Camp hygiene checklist

Make Do Share Autumn 16 - Build a shelter activity

Make Do Share Winter 16 - Elder whistle activity

Make Do Share Summer 17 - Survival Skills bingo activity

Make Do Share Spring 19 - Sun Safety

Make Do Share Autumn 19 - Sharing Survival Skills

About Victorinox

Founded in 1884 Victorinox, maker of the original Swiss Army Knife is a global brand and now sold in 120 countries. This iconic tool is essential kit for millions of adventurers and pioneers the world over. During 2014 Victorinox celebrated its 130th year.

Alongside manufacturing the Swiss Army Knife, the brand is famous for its ‘chef’s favourite’ Kitchen Knives and has a product range which spans Swiss made Timepieces, Travel Gear and Fragrances. Each product is an expression of Swiss quality and Swiss pioneering spirit.

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